The Ringing Centre

 Could I be a ringer?

Yes, you probably could. Bell ringing is great fun, and many ringers get the chance to ring in towers all over the world. You don’t need to be very strong to ring bells, nor do you need to be an experienced musician. Children as young as nine years old can learn to ring. If you can count, then you know all the mathematics you need to be a change ringer. To be a good ringer, you need to be prepared to work in a team, to practise and make a firm commitment to ringing (on Sundays) after you’ve been taught. You also need to be willing to climb the steps up the tower to the ringing room. Hanley is unique in being a dedicated Ringing Centre focussed on training. At the Ringing Centre, you will be taught by experienced ringers and can begin to learn on bells linked to computers. These recreate the experience of having highly skilled ringers working with you. It is like a flight simulator, and you can practise before you are ready to ring with other ringers.

What is a Ringing Centre?

“A Ringing Centre is a combination of people, tower bells, technology and other facilities designed to help people learn to ring. Centres are intended to promote high standards of teaching and to train teachers of ringing.” Central Council of Church bell Ringers

Training Courses

Training courses can be organised on a regular basis and cover subjects that people have identified would be helpful to them.  Anything from method theory to raising in peal, rope splicing or first aid might be covered as well as particular methods, tower management and maintenance.

Targeted Practices

Special Practices can be arranged at all levels for specific training needs e.g. First steps in method ringing to surprise royal.

Individual Coaching or Tuition

This may take the form of a practical session, potentially using a simulator to develop listening, conducting or method skills, help with rope handling or teaching skills.

Quarter Peals

Sustained practice to consolidate learning is essential for any skill and the bells will be  available for extended ringing. For example, the ringing of quarter peals (typically continual ringing of about 45 minutes) will be welcomed.

Band, Guild or other training practices and events

With the variety of facilities and convenience of location the tower is available for booking for any event – including bands from other towers looking to use the bells  for extra practice.

For more information about any of the above or to book the tower, please contact